Oscar Mayer
The Great American Bacon Barter

The Details

  • Client: Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer's Butcher Thick Cut Bacon is so good it can take the place of cold, hard cash. To test out America's love for bacon we unleashed "The Great American Bacon Barter" on the open road where comedian Josh Sankey used nothing but a trailer full of bacon to barter his way from N.Y. to L.A.

The socially driven campaign utilized Facebook and Twitter to tell Josh who was down to trade for anything from a sofa to crash on, to a bacon tattoo. In the end Josh spent 2,168 bricks of Oscar Mayer Butcher Thick Cut Bacon to get to his finish line.

AWARDS: CLIO Awards (Digital / Mobile Shortlist); The One Show (Merit); Cannes Creativity (Shortlist); FAB Awards (Gold); SABRE Awards (Gold); Digiday Awards (Winner, Best Branding Campaign); Bees Awards(Winner, Best Campaign); Creative Media Awards (Gold); Project ISAAC Awards (Silver); New York Festivals (Silver World Medal); Shorty Awards - Best Use of Social Media In Real Life - Finalist; Digiday Awards - Best Branding Campaign - Winner