Be Ready With Canon Powershot

The Details

  • Client: Canon

Everyone thinks snapping a pic with your phone is the best way to capture and share something amazing. But in certain situations thats not the case. Low light, quick movements and being just a bit too far away can make you miss the magic moment. With Canon wi-fi enabled cameras you will always 'Be Ready' to snap and share.

We launched by creating 3-D art installations around NYC that revealed the underground world of 'Old New York'. We invited consumers to take their best shot and see the difference a Canon Power Shot Camera can make. People could jump right in and become part of the scene and share with their friends instantly.

We flooded social networks with photos and even let partners like Buzzfeed, Thrillist, Flavorpill, and Funny or Die get in on the action.

The ‘Be Ready’ events didn’t stop there. Canon continued to challenge people to be ready for the unexpected by partnering with Live Nation, Rolling Stone, Eater & Nobu.